Immigrant workers better, it was claimed

A new study has shown employers are picking eastern Europeans ahead of local staff because they work harder it was claimed.

According to reports by the Daily Mail, research by the Learning & Skills Council has shown employers perceived immigrant workers as more dedicated and diligent.

The Learning and Skills Council's survey of employers and migrants found employers rank British jobseekers "some way below East European migrants", but above "less desirable" migrant worker groups such as gipsies and Somalis, the paper claimed.

Polish workers were reported to be so highly respected that immigrants from other countries are claimed to be posing as Poles to win jobs.

This research was carried out by the Institute for Employment Research at Warwick University and focused on the economic impact of migrant workers in the West Midlands.

However An LSC spokesman said the study did not set out to make a comparison between the British workforce and migrant workers and had not concluded that migrant labour is preferred.

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