Wales can lead Kid's nutrition

WALES CAN take eight simple steps and lead the way in making our school-children food savvy and nutritionally knowledgeable, HCC/Meat Promotion Wales Chairman Rees Roberts said last week.

Responding to a thought-provoking lecture by Dame Deirdre Hutton of the Food Standards Agency at Cardiff University on Wednesday, he said HCC's eight-point plan to enable schools across Wales to improve children's knowledge of diet, nutrition and food preparation should be fully implemented by the Welsh Assembly Government.

Dame Deirdre warned that "We are losing the time and inclination to cook. Children are growing up not knowing how to cook or even what basic ingredients look like. There were children in the north east of England that couldn't identify a selection of raw vegetables, even leeks," she said.

Roberts said the HCC blueprint, launched last month, advocated compulsory food education for 11-14 year olds and offered a series of measures to give children more "hands-on" experience.

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