Douglas Scott, Chief Executive, Scottish Federation of Meat Traders' Associations

With the arrival of 2007, what can we expect? Excitement, fast cars, glamour, intrigue, spies? Probably the lot, since 2007 will hopefully be a year where the meat industry can 'bond' and move forward with an air of confidence.

Without doubt, the last decade has seen butchers both shaken and stirred. But having survived The Living Daylights, licensed to kill and then subjected to the 2006 EU regulations, there is a distinct feeling that there is now a Thunderball sending customers flocking back to craft butchers.

From Russia With Love should never satisfy discerning local consumers. Butchers must continue to benefit from promoting local food from local suppliers. That other great attribute, personal attention, to make customers feel that service and products are For Your Eyes Only, will bear fruit.

Enforcers are not so much On Her Majesty's Secret Service, but in the small abattoir sector, where Live and Let Die is all we want to do, the MHS vets continue to believe The World Is Not Enough. Here, A View To A Kill that is more practical, proportionate and understanding would be more appreciated by The Man With The Golden Gun.

You Only Live Twice will apply to the revised Quality Meat Scotland, as the Radcliffe Report proposals see the rightful return of butcher representation on the board of QMS.

We would like the Goldeneye of the Food Standards Agency, which ensures that Tomorrow Never Dies, to be better prepared for legislation with guidance. Then, the meat industry could be the Goldfinger that we all want and craft butchers can be the sector where Diamonds Are Forever.

Every man wants to be James Bond, and every woman wants to be like the women in the films. Our New Year wish is that craft butchers can afford the fast cars and glamour. SFMTA wishes all our members, friends and secret agents a prosperous New Year.

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