New staff bolster BPEX team

Two new faces have joined the ranks of the British Pig Executive (BPEX) with the aim of helping producers help themselves.

Both have joined the Knowledge Transfer team, one working on the training side and the other looking at meat quality.

Tess Benson grew up on a farm in east Yorkshire and has spent the last seven years working for the Humane Slaughter Association liaising with government, the industry and retailers.

She now holds the training brief and is looking forward to tackling the challenges ahead.

Tess said: "Training is a vital part of a business. Without it producers risk being left behind. It is not about sitting in a classroom but about refining old skills and learning new ones and that is most easily accomplished on-farm."

Silvia Nicolau-Solano qualified as a vet in Zaragoza, Spain, before coming to this country to work as an Official Veterinary Surgeon and Local Veterinary Inspector.

She then continued her education ending up doing a PhD investigating the genetic background of boar taint.

As part of her PhD she spent some time at the MLC in Milton Keynes to link the results of fundamental research with industry needs and to gain a first-hand contact with the British pig industry.

Her main task is to act as a communicator between the pig industry and the pig meat quality research group at Bristol University to improve the quality and consistency of British pork.

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