Television ads push LMC beef message

Tracking results from the Livestock and Meat Commission's (LMC's) winter TV advertising campaign show that the message about quality assured beef is getting through to consumers.

The research reveals that after the commercial aired 92% of those who had seen the television ad now believe it is important to purchase Northern Ireland Farm Quality Assured (NIFQAS) beef and 85% recognised the Northern Ireland Farm Quality NIFQAS logo.

Naomi Waite, head of LMC marketing said: "The call to action 'look for the logo' seemed to be the most obvious and natural campaign to promote Northern Ireland Farm Quality Assured beef.

"The campaign was designed to raise awareness of the FQAS logo and we are extremely pleased with the results.

"The results demonstrate that it is possible to create a memorable and engaging advertisement with simple straightforward messages."

A spokeswoman for the LMC said the advertising campaign was designed to explain what the NIFQAS means for the consumer in terms of quality, safety and traceability in beef.

The campaign was targeted particularly at 25-44 year old females. It was designed following research, which showed that consumers were keen to find out more about the Northern Ireland Farm Quality Assurance Scheme.

LMC has continued to promote the NIFQAS by sampling in the major multiple retailers in Northern Ireland as well as a poster campaign in butcher shops and a printed leaflet campaign in doctor's surgeries and newspapers throughout Northern Ireland.

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