22 firms behind trade growth

Just 22 companies are behind growth in the UK meat industry according to a new report by industry analysts, Plimsoll.

The report looked at the top 100 players in the industry and found they enjoyed a dominant position, accounting for 88% of the total meat market. However looking more closely, Plimsoll found that 22 companies were out-performing the rest.

In the past four years, these companies' sales increased by 59% and their profits improved by 135%. Their performance was particularly good when compared to the other 78 companies in the top 100, whose sales were up by 11% in the past four years but whose profits were down by 2%.

Plimsoll's senior analyst David Pattision reckoned the top 22 performers are primed for further growth while 66 companies will have their work cut out to stay on a 'firm financial footing', and 12 companies will face 'financial distress'.

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