The DAPP rose by 0.66p in the week ending 17 June to 103.86p/kg dw.


The DAPP rose by 0.66p in the week ending 17 June to 103.86p/kg dw. The average EU pig reference price rose by 3% in the week ending 11 June to the equivalent of 103p/kg dw. German pig price is 11p/kg higher than the UK reference price.

In the four months to April 2006, UK exports of pork were down 4% compared with a year ago to 29,000t. The decline in exports to Germany is a reflection of the reduced availability of sows this year. The Netherlands is now the largest export market. In the January to April period, exports were nearly double last year's volumes at over 6,000t. Significantly more bone-in shoulders and hams and boneless meat were exported to the Netherlands. Dutch live pig exports are reported to be higher this year leaving fewer pigs for domestic production. Imports of pork were up 6% to almost 137,000t during this period.


The overall price of prime cattle at GB auction markets remained unchanged at 115.75p/kg in the week ending 17 June. Deadweight young bulls averaged 200.7p /kg, the first time they have averaged more than 200p since early 1996.

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