Bath chaps? Never heard of them

Traditonal meaty dishes are dying out, because young people have never heard of them, according to new research.

Bath chaps, jugged hare and brawn are all unrecognisable to most under-25s. Just 1% had heard of bath chaps, a meal of breaded pigs' cheeks.

A slightly higher number had heard of jugged hare, served with a sauce of hare's blood mixed with port, or brawn, a dish of jellied pigs' head.

Researchers from UKTV Food asked 2,000 people in two age groups - under-25s and over-60s. Unsurprisingly the over-60s showed far more awareness of the dishes; 40% were familiar with bath chaps and 33% were aware of jugged hare.

Squirrel casserole is another dish that has fallen down the generation gap, as is Bedfordshire clanger, a dish of scrag end of mutton with kidneys and fruit.

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