Australian meat bosses in tastebud mapping exercise

Australian meat bosses have introduced a programme of 'tastebud mapping' in a bid to boost exports.

Different cultures like different types and cuts of meat. So in order to better target its beef exports, the Australian meat industry has spent five years conducting research into the subject.

Meat Standards Australia has gathered the information from all over the world and will use the national preferences in marketing campaigns to expand its

export market. The results are used for 'tastebud mapping' to identify which meat is best suited to each foreign market.

Chairman of the research committee, Rod Polkinghorne, said the differences between each country's preferences are interes-ting, and Australia is developing its understanding of the nuances all the time, which is helpful for exporters. "We're certainly quite confident that we can take a bit of beef and say this is what Americans in Washington think of it," he said.

Polkinghorne claimed the research means Australia had a more developed beef marketing strategy than anywhere else.

The full results of the survey will be known by the end of the year.

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