Foodies grow with demand for local sourcing

A penchant for local food is turning more people into foodies, according to research commissioned by Meat South West.

Chris Lamb, MLC consumer marketing manager presented the findings of the Added Value Research project at the annual general meeting of Meat South West, which showed the premium food sector is big business.

Lamb said 58% of British consumers are 'foodies', with local and regional sourcing accounting for £3.7bn of the UK premium sector. The South West is outperforming the rest of the country with growth up 7% on beef, 18% on lamb and 4% on pork.

Freshness, quality and supporting the local economy are the main reasons for buying local food. But Lamb emphasised that in terms of the 'branding' of local food, provenance must be supported by consistent quality and reasonable prices. Lamb said the South West has the advantages of a quality farming reputation, the environment and tourism, which should be used to promote food from the region.

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