Fakers targeted in Roast Rage campaign

Having a case of Roast Rage? Perhaps EBLEX can help with the launch of a new hotline.

The deceitful side of Christmas has been revealed in a survey carried out by EBLEX.

One in ten Christmas cooks openly admit to having committed Festive Fraud by passing off pre-prepared food as their own.

The shock survey shows: 40% of fakers pass off pre-cooked meat as their own, 55% admit using pre-prepared vegetables and a massive 80% claim a bought pudding is their own.

Now EBLEX has committed itself to fighting this heinous offence by launching a 24-hour Roast Rage freephone hotline manned by a team of professional chefs and offering round-the clock advice and tips on cooking the Christmas meal.

Brand manager for EBLEX, Jane Ritchie-Smith, said: "We have made it our Christmas mission to fight Festive Fraud and make Christmas cooking a pleasure instead of an ordeal."

The Roast Rage hotline is: 0800 345 7205. Keep it by you - just in case!

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