Asian haggis hits the hot spot

An 'Asian Haggis', produced appropriately in the far east of Scotland by Findlays of Portobello has proven the hot favourite in the 'Haggis with a Difference' evaluation

, a new category in the Scottish Federation of Meat Traders Association Scottish Haggis championships. The evaluation, designed to test the inventiveness of Scottish butchers sought to discover variations on the national dish.

Contenders for the top prize included Jamaican Rum & Raisin Haggis, Drambuie Haggis, Balti Haggis Rolls, Haggis with Mango & Ginger, Malt Whisky Haggis Truffle and a Haggis with Chilli. In total 76 different haggis products were considered in the Haggis with a Difference evaluation sponsored by Grampian Oat Products for Scottish Craft Butchers.

Joe Findlay, a past winner of the Scottish Haggis Championship back in 1988, is hoping his latest creation, Asian Haggis born out of an idea to supply a haggis to an Indian customer's wedding, will take off

The customer worked with Joe to incorporate genuine Asian spices in the place of the more traditional mix of pepper, salt and nutmeg.

The main event to find Scotland's Best Traditional Haggis will take place on Sunday 13 May at the Dewars Centre, Perth.

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