Rubbish summer boosts roasts sales

There may not have been many suntans going round, but there has been a whole lot of heat in the nation's ovens as roast meals have taken over from the sun as the best way of getting warm this summer.

Figures published by EBLEX show the volume of lamb sold in England during the 12 weeks to July 15 soared by 18.2% compared to last year with leg roasting joints rising by more than 28% and shoulder joints by 33%.

And there was nearly 10% more beef sold to English consumers in the same period with, once again, prime roasting joints proving the most popular with a sales rise of 25%.

In all, customers spent 15% more on lamb (£119.5 million in total) and 14% more on beef (£280.8 million in total) than same period the year before.

Head of marketing for EBLEX, Andrew Garvey, said: "When it's cold outside what better way of staying warm inside than with a traditional roast meal?

"The public may not have too much confidence in the English weather, but they know exactly where to turn when they need something warming to cheer them up."

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