LMC handbook available

The 2007 Livestock and Meat Commission (LMC) Yearbook is now available in hardcopy and to download from the LMC website


Packed full of facts and figures the Yearbook provides information on frequently-asked-questions about the Northern Ireland red meat industry showing the pattern of prices and slaughterings over the year. This information can be used in conjunction with LMC's website as well as other LMC publications such as FQAS News.

Mike Tempest, technical director at LMC, said: "The 2007 LMC Yearbook presents information for the calendar year 2006. This is the seventh edition of the LMC Yearbook. This year we have added two additional sections on 'Trade' and 'Consumption'.

"The 'Trade' section provides details on the live animal trade of Northern Ireland (NI), particularly with the Republic of Ireland (ROI) and Great Britain (GB), and on trade in beef and sheepmeat products between the UK and the rest of the world.

"The 'Consumption' section gives information on consumer purchases and preferences in NI compared to GB, to aid understanding of our two main markets.

"We have also added information on the retail outlets for our products to the section that gives retail prices; and in the 'Livestock Numbers' Section we have provided information on calf birth registrations and calf sires to show changes that are taking place in the quantity and quality of cattle that will be available in the future."

It is hoped these additions enhance the information available to all stakeholders in the industry.

The Yearbook is produced by LMC as part of an on-going commitment to providing independent economic information on the red meat sector, creating an annual impartial 'snapshot' of the industry. We hope the industry finds it useful in contributing to the knowledge that is needed to make sound business decisions.

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