Never been busier for ardent campaign supporters

Since deciding to increase prices by 15% in support of a fairer deal for pig farmers, premium sausage manufacturer Debbie & Andrew's reveals it has never been busier.

The Yorkshire-based firm increased its prices in January as a direct response to the 'Pigs are Worth It' campaign.

Debbie & Andrew's Andrew Keeble said: "In the last few months, there has been a lot of talk about the issue, so we took the decision to act. The price increase has paid off, because we are selling more sausages than ever before, and the response from the supply chain has been very positive too."

Debbie & Andrew's threw down the gauntlet to other manufacturers and retailers, by introducing a 15% price increase and passing the increased margin straight down the supply chain - 10% to farmers and 5% to the processors.

The initial response from retailers stocking their sausages was not so positive, but Keeble is confident they are coming round. "The retailers were very concerned about us putting up the price of our packs of sausages, as it meant breaking the £2 barrier," he said. "However, we've put our reasoning behind the price increase very clearly on our packaging and we've gained two new national listings."

Stewart Houston, BPEX chairman, said: "It is heartening when manufacturers such as Debbie & Andrew's take action in the battle to secure the future of the pig industry. I would urge other operators to follow their example."

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