Meatball recipe turns out moorish

A leading supplier in sausages and meatballs has spread its wings and headed to North Africa with its Turkey Tuckers range of Moroccan-styled meatballs.

North London firm Snowbird Foods' new product sees the company enter the turkey market for the first time and follows a Moorish recipe of a turkey meatball, with ingredients such as mint, chilli, figs and apricot.

Snowbird sales director Roy Anderson said: "We have presented the product to two group buyers and both immediately shortlisted them for future menus, because they are so different."

Turkey Tuckers are fully cooked in Snowbird's factory in a combination oven, which steams and roasts the balls, for them then to be flash-fried and available frozen.

Anderson added: "There is nothing like them on the market at the moment so they are deservedly attracting a lot of attention and the choice of turkey products available for caterers is at its lowest for many years."

Snowbird suggests the meatballs would be ideal for caterers for restaurants and schools and could be served with couscous, pasta, long-grain rice or potatoes and a green salad.

Turkey Tuckers can be heated from frozen in seconds in a microwave or can also be oven-baked. Once heated, Snowbird claimed, the meatballs will hold for hours under lights and retain their flavour and texture.

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