Sizzling new ad campaign from Danish Bacon

Danish Bacon's 2007 advertising and promotional campaign is set to get mouths watering by capitalising on the popularity of one of the nation's favourite snacks - the classic bacon sandwich.

Kicking off in April, the integrated print, broadcast and internet consumer campaign focuses on the perfect bacon sandwich, encouraging consumers to look for the Danish 'sizzle' when selecting the bacon.

"Everybody has their own ideas about the perfect bacon sandwich," Brian McCarthy, advertising and promotions manager for the Danish Bacon and Meat Council said.

"With our inspiring new integrated campaign, 2007 will become the year of the bacon buttie, with a range of new radio ads along with press and posters.

"We'll even be encouraging consumers to create their own perfect bacon buttie moment through advertorials linking to a micro site, and with a little help from Danish Bacon," he said.

McCarthy added that research supporting the campaign showed that 42% of all bacon was eaten as a sandwich, and 60% of the bacon sandwiches eaten at breakfast were eaten at weekends. With this in mind, he said the programme had been designed to tantalize the taste buds at key times, such as through weekend breakfast radio shows.

The advertising will follow two themes. Firstly, the things people will do to make sure their perfect bacon buttie moment isn't interrupted - illustrated by a series of eye-catching, humorous advertisements in top women's weeklies, men's monthlies and food titles, as well as on posters on the London Underground.

The secondary angle is celebrity gossip: enhancing the idea of the bacon sandwich as something to be enjoyed while catching up on the latest 'sizzling stories' from the celebrity world. Key to this aspect of the campaign is sponsorship of the Capital Radio Saturday Morning Show hosted by Craig Doyle featuring the 'Saturday Morning Sizzler'.

Craig's weekly guest is Now magazine's celebrity gossip columnist and friend of the stars Sam Mann, who will discuss the latest 'sizzling' gossip with Craig each week in a slot sponsored by Danish Bacon.

McCarthy added: "We know people are passionate about their bacon sandwich - we want them to think Danish bacon every time they are in the supermarket preparing for that bacon sandwich 'moment'.

"With this integrated campaign we are confident we will continue to encourage consumers to look for the Danish 'sizzle' - being sure of a satisfying result."

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