Ads beef up spring sales

A television advertising campaign to promote the Welsh Beef brand saw spectacular results with beef sales

increasing in Wales to double those of the rest of UK.

The Welsh Beef advert was shown in Wales during the run up to Christmas and through to St David's Day on 1 March. Figures produced by independent research company TNS show that, year-on-year, all aspects of beef sales rose significantly in the area.

The 12-week snapshot showed that expenditure on beef rose by 8% in Wales against 4% in Britain, taking Wales' share of the £379m market to £23m. It was a similar story when it came to volume, with Wales having moved up 9%, compared to 4% for Britain, to a 4,609t share of the British total of 75,617t.

Stewart Pope, HCC marketing manager, said the

advert results were good news for the industry: "We are

really delighted that the investment in the advertising campaign clearly struck a chord with our home audience and helped to push our Beef sales up so strongly. These statistics show that the ball is still rolling after the good gains we made with our Welsh Lamb television ad last year," he said.

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