Bovril is back to its beefy ways

Bovril is going back to beef, two years after it turned vegetarian. Unilever, the makers of the 120-year-old drink, has announced that beef stock is being reinstated as the main ingredient. Beef was removed from the recipe after the BSE scare and replaced with a savoury yeast mix. Now the export ban has been lifted, and Unilever announced on 31 August that Bovril is going back to the original recipe.

A spokesperson said: "Now the ban on British beef export has been lifted, there was never any doubt that the beef would go back into Bovril drink. I'm sure Bovril fans around the world will be 100% behind this."

Bovril is popular among expatriates, and sells well in France and Spain. It is also popular in Malaysia, Singapore and China. Over three million jars are sold each year. To coincide with the change, Bovril packaging will also be relaunched, branded with the word beef.

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