Brazilian beef fails taste test

Owen Brennan, chairman of the LMC, has spoken out about the poor quality of Brazilian beef imports at the launch of the LMC annual report.

Brennan said: "LMC has just completed a scientific programme of taste trials through Queen's University and it is clear that Brazilian beef is a significantly inferior product in terms of eating quality."

Brennan then called on the government to ensure a fair and equitable trading environment. "If governments in the UK and in Europe are prepared to legislate and robustly apply legislation about the standards required on our farms and in our factories, how can they possibly justify product being allowed onto our market which is not complying with these legal standards? It is clear to all that some imported meat does not meet the standards required of our local industry on animal welfare, medicines controls, growth promoter use and traceability."

A spokesperson for the LMC explained it would use the information as part of a campaign to promote Northern Irish beef, commenting: "Sensory evaluation sessions were used to test samples of Northern Ireland sirloin against Brazilian sirloin.

"Subject to receiving state aid approval, LMC will mount a positive communications campaign, celebrating the special merits of NI beef highlighted in the research. Furthermore, LMC will of course continue to present to retailers why quality, safety and traceability such as that offered by the Northern Ireland Farm Quality Assurance Scheme are prerequisites for products on their shelves."

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