Certification achievement for Bertin

The Bertin Alimentos unit in Lins, Sao Paulo, owned by the Bertin Group, has just been awarded ISO 9001:2000 certification after a series of internal and external audits.

The certification process will in the medium term be extended to the other factories owned by the company. Bertin Alimentos is one of the first large companies in the Brazilian beef segment to implant the Management Quality System, in accord with Norm NBR ISO 9001:2000. The certification was recommended by SGS ICS and accredited by INMETRO (Brazil), UKAS (England) and ANAB (USA).

Bertin Alimentos is a division of the Bertin Group, it produces and sells over 300 fresh and processed meat items, with special specifications and cuts. The company, which is audited by MAPA, is visited by missions from many countries, and is committed to the consumer on the Brazilian and international markets. A spokesman for Bertin said: "From the choice of raw material to production and distribution, everything is controlled to achieve the utmost integrity in its processed foods, obeying strict standards of hygiene and health policies."

The Bertin Group is a 100% Brazilian holding company, operating in the agribusiness and infrastructure sectors, as well as owning a holiday resort. About to turn 30 years old, it has 28 plants around Brazil, employing 20,000 people. Its activities are focused on the Brazilian market as well as over 80 countries on the five continents.

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