A hearty solution

A group of Welsh farmers from Llangwyryfon have just returned from France, where they looked at a a range of foods enhanced with Omega 3, the fatty acid that benefits the heart.

The group are investigating the possibilities of raising the level of Omega 3 in Welsh lamb using a mix of natural feeds including linseed that are high in long chain fatty acids.

Backed by Meat Promotion Wales (HCC), the group looked at the Bleu Blanc Coeur (Blue White Heart) network in France that links together and brands products that have a natural source of Omega 3.

Michael Phillips, one of the farmers in the group said they were particularly interested to see the scientific studies the French had carried out. "By feeding the animals with linseed they were able to improve the health of animals which in turn provides health benefits to humans. The whole process was done in a natural way, and customers actually thought that the food tasted better."

Prys Morgan, HCC's industry development manager said: "This project is a true example of collaboration and working in harmony for the good of the industry and the consumer."

HCC will be funding further research into adding Omega 3 to lamb.

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