Chileans eat more poultry and pork

The latest national meat consumption statistics in Chile reveal a 5% increase on 2005 meaning that it is now considered to be a developed country.

In 2006 Chile's meat consumption reached 79 kilos per person, a report said.

According to statistics supplied by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation, this places Chile near the 81.5 kilos average annual per person consumption enjoyed by developed countries.

At the other end of the scale, countries classed as developing nations consume and average of just 32.3 kilos of meat annually per person, according to the report.

Chile's pork and poultry consumption increased in 2006 while beef consumption fell by 13%, the report said.

Chileans ate four kilos more pork and another four kilos more poultry than in 2005. These two meats now account for 72% of Chile's total meat consumption.

According to the report, Reinaldo Ruiz, director of Chile's Office of Political Agronomy Studies (Odepa), said the fall in beef consumption can be attributed to beef's rising cost.

Ovine meat registered the greatest growth, up 20.6% in 2006 compared to 2005.

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