Beefy rugby scores profits

Publicans are being offered a recipe for extra profits when the rugby world cup kicks off this September.

A hot roast beef roll, nicknamed the Scrum-Downer, is the perfect snack at half-time in busy pubs according to the English Beef and Lamb Executive (EBLEX), which is handing out cooking instructions, serving suggestions, posters and rugby balls to pubs which are members of EBLEX's Quality Standard scheme.

Hugh Judd, EBLEX's foodservice project manager, said: "The concept is simple. The idea is to offer customers a delicious half time snack that requires no special skill, equipment or labour to prepare. In fact, it's as quick to serve as a pint!"

By using the cost-effective chuck eye joint - and cooking it very slowly to reduce shrinkage and maximise tenderness, it will deliver excellent profit margins. Hugh said: "When cooked on a low heat over a long period, the chuck eye joint will produce tender and mouth-watering beef which can be sold in a buttered roll with horseradish or mustard, making the perfect half-time snack.

"After cooking for around six hours, the meat will be extremely tender, succulent and delicious to eat. You can either make the rolls up before the half-time whistle for an instant snack, or prepare them in front of customers to generate interest and encourage more people to place an order."

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