Beef farmers signs up with Asda

A Shropshire farmer has won a contract to supply Asda with two special recipe beefburgers.

Christopher Williamson, who farms the Woodlands Farm near Shawbury and Citadel Farms at Hawkstone with his wife, Jane, will supply the retail giant with Beef & Onion and Beef & Cracked Pepper burgers.

Christopher specialises in rearing Aberdeen Angus cattle, which he believes are the "Rolls Royce" of beef. He was awarded the contract through the Green Fields Farm Shop, a distribution hub that provides Asda with local produce.

"It's very exciting that supermarkets are starting to source local meat," said Christopher. "They are taking into account consumer choice over issues such as food miles and we feel lucky to be involved."

Asda's Local Sourcing Initiative was established in 2001 and aims to find local products from small suppliers for all 306 Asda stores. In April, the supermarket announced a saving of seven million road miles through the scheme.

Richard Pearson, head of local sourcing for Asda, said: "The success of our local hub initiative has been phenomenal; not only does it signal a new way in which supermarkets can work with some of the smallest UK suppliers, it also reduces our overall carbon footprint, enables us to increase the amount of local products available to our customers, and makes life much simpler for hundreds of local producers."

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