Scotch beef's Glen travels south

The kilted figure of manliness that promotes Scotch beef is being launched on an unsuspecting public in London.

Glen is being brought to England's capital as part of a new advertising campaign by Quality Meat Scotland (QMS). Adverts featuring Glen will be seen on billboards, bus stops and underground stations throughout the city.

QMS marketing manager, Suzie Carlaw, said: "Gaining maximum exposure among the people most likely to buy your product is the chief aim of this kind of marketing.

"We estimate that more than three million people will see the new London advertisements during the next four months."

As well as the adverts, there will be an intensive in-store promotional campaign in two major retailers. Posters at store entrances will prominently feature the Scotch Beef advertisements and more than 150 in-store visits, with a mixture of sampling and promotional staff dressed as 'Glen' will aim to drive sales and awareness among shoppers.

As well as targeting the major supermarkets, members of the Scotch Butchers Club, an exclusive group of independent retailers that specialise in and promote Scotch Beef, will also be taking part in the promotion.

QMS has bought the available advertising space within 400 yards of these stores and is encouraging butchers to display their Scotch Beef products prominently.

Carlaw said: "The new Glen has had great coverage up in Scotland, and it's now his turn to charm shoppers down south too. The new adverts, combined with the huge amount of in-store work we're doing will hopefully make this a great summer for Scotch Beef."

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