Beef exports hit £122m

Beef worth more than £122m was exported from the UK in the year up to the end of April with around 70% of the total coming from England.

Latest figures show that exports of boneless cuts topped £53m while sales of beef in carcase form, mainly used for further processing and manufacturing, was valued at £29.5m.

Top destinations for beef exports were: Ireland (£23.5m), France (£11m) and the Netherlands (£9.9m) while our biggest customers for manufacturing beef were the Netherlands (£11m) and Germany (£5m).

In particular, markets for premium quality beef are being developed in a number of EU member states including Italy and in France with the recent launch of the Rosbifs Club.

Andrew Garvey, head of marketing for EBLEX, said: "In recent years a great deal of effort has gone into increasing awareness that our beef is once again available and that our industry can meet a wide range of specifications to satisfy varied markets.

"It seems that the message has already got through to many importers and we will be continuing to get the message out to an ever wider audience in the future.

"Exports are extremely important to help ensure we are not totally reliant on the home market and to assist in efforts to keep prices reasonably stable for home producers."

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