NFU President in Tesco Talks

Meat leaders have warned supermarkets that sustainable beef and lamb prices are essential in the wake of the FMD crisis.

NFU president Peter Kendall met senior executives of Tesco yesterday (21 August) to discuss the impact of FMD on its livestock farmer suppliers.

Speaking after the meeting, Kendall said that he was pleased by Tesco's approach so far and was particularly encouraged that the supermarket said it has swtiched its sourcing policy within the UK to give further support to British sheep farmers.

"Tesco has made time to understand the impact of the outbreak on their suppliers and have worked with them to find solutions. I see this as a step forward to working towards a shared goal of sustainable prices for beef and lamb," he said

"However, we shouldn't forget that, before the crisis, prices for beef cattle and lambs were not sustainable and that further steps will be required before farmers can be expected to commit to another round of long term decisions.

"I was encouraged by the fact that Tesco do seem to understand that and have signalled their intention of working with us and their producers to achieve a solution that will enable livestock farmers in England and Wales to continue to supply consumers with the best beef and lamb in the world."

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