Rugby fans in the can for Spam

The manufacturer of Spam, Hormel Foods, is launching a limited edition collectors can to tie in with the rugby season.

The commemorative Spam can features flags and rugby balls from nations around the world. It has been designed to catch the eye of shoppers and attract rugby fans and a younger audience, who may not have tried Spam before. After a period of declining popularity, sales of Spam have recently picked up, with a 12% increase in the last year.

Rebecca Wilson, European brand manager for Spam, said: "Spam has a loyal and dedicated following and our limited edition collectors cans are very much welcomed among Spam fans. However, they also attract new consumers to the brand who may not have tried Spam before.

"The Rugby collectors can will remain a relic for years to come. We are confident that it will be a huge hit, uniting Rugby fans throughout the UK."

The Limited Edition Spam Rugby Can is expected to be priced at £1.45

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