Monitoring scheme

SHEEP FARMERS with Caseous Lymphadenitis-free stock (CLA) now have access to a new monitoring scheme launched by SAC Veterinary Services.

The initiative follows a 2005 pilot scheme at the Kelso and Lairg ram sales in Scotland. The new scheme should not only benefit vendors selling breeding stock, but will also increase confidence among potential buyers worried about CLA infection. The scheme is based upon a 12-week period of on-farm isolation, of sheep destined for sale. They are inspected twice during this isolation period for physical evidence of CLA infection.

Blood samples are also taken from each animal which are tested CLA antibodies. If no evidence of the disease is found within the group of sale sheep, a 'CLA-monitored' status will be issued to the owner which will identify each of the sheep within the CLA Monitored group, and may be displayed at sales or shown to potential private buyers. For more information, farmers can contact their local SAC Veterinary Services Centre, visit the website at, or call 01463 226 995 .

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