Goose fat gets its own website

All you ever wanted to know about goose fat but were afraid to ask can be found on a new website dedicated to the stuff.

Goose fat producers and distributors have launched a new website, providing information about the uses of the product for both the trade and consumers. Goose fat is normally associated with Christmas dinner and the perfect roast potato, but the product can also be used all year round and it is hoped that these new services will encourage growth in this area.

Visitors can visit the website to find everything they need to know about the fat and its special qualities. There is general information on the product as well as notes on taste and valuable nutritional information. The website serves up a selection of recipes for users to try from classic roast potatoes to more adventurous risotto, game pie and duck confit.

Goose fat has become known as the secret ingredient behind the best roast potatoes. It has a distinctive taste and light texture which makes it ideal for cooking in this way and its high burning point guarantees crispy roasties every time. Goose fat is also great for roast parsnips and creating the perfect pastry crust, and can be used in a variety of savoury dishes.

Goose fat fan, chef Henry Harris, uses copious amounts of it. He said: "Like the pot of dripping that lived in the larder of my childhood, goose fat with its savoury, comforting and warming characteristics is an essential store cupboard ingredient. With the ability to turn simple ingredients like roast potatoes, rosemary and garlic into a sumptuous meal, goose fat is a chef's best friend and secret weapon."

The website can be found at

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