NZ lamb - 125 years young

New Zealand lamb will be celebrating 125 years in the UK market this year and will be supporting this year's trade with a wide ranging advertising campaign.

As well as adapting its familiar New Zealand Lamb logo to include the slogan "125 years new", the Meat & Wool New Zealand will be launching a new TV campaign which will run from February 12 until Good Friday. Consumer press advertising will also be conducted from February through to May, said John Mabb, UK market manager.

Meat & Wool New Zealand launched this year's campaign with a cruise along the River Thames, kicked off with a traditional Haka and Maori singing, while Mabb highlighted some of the brand's campaigns throughout its 125 year history.

Looking at the current season, he said: "The advertising moves us on from where we were last year. This year the theme is 'new friends', 'new horizons' and 'new adventures', all using good pictures of New Zealand to strengthen the brand image."

Mabb said they would also be building on the work started last year with the launch of the ultimate lamb sandwich by developing a new snack concept. The website, has also been significantly upgraded.

Other PR events are also planned to support the 125th anniversary and will be unveiled over the next few months, Mabb added.

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