Welsh Sausage Company ups production on kids' product

The Welsh Sausage Company has increased production of a mild flavoured pork sausage designed for school children to 40 tonnes a week.

The sausage, claimed to be made with all natural ingredients and to be lower in fat and salt, has been trialed in 1,400 schools across the UK. It is now been bought by 15 local authorities in the UK, says WSC managing director John Langford.

A new sausage line has been installed at the company's Welshpool factory in Powys.

"Kids like the new flavour" claimed Mr Langford. "It's a smooth texture with a mild taste."

One local authority in the West Midlands that has bought the new sausage is serving it as part of a morning breakfast. "If a child hasn't had a breakfast at home he or she can buy our sausage in a bap; it helps them get through the morning lessons and aids their concentration," said Mr Langford.

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