Scotch lamb on tasty tour

The Festival of Scotch Lamb sets out on the road this week, giving Scots the opportunity to rediscover their culinary roots.

A branded Scotch lamb van will first arrive in Sainsbury's stores on Wednesday in Edinburgh, before moving on to Fife and Lanarkshire where tasty samples will be cooked up for consumers to enjoy, giving them recipe ideas to try at home.

The tastings are the latest part of the £500,000 Festival of Scotch Lamb campaign. Led by red meat promotion body Quality Meat Scotland (QMS), the festival is launching an advertising campaign backed up by more than 200 tasting events throughout the country.

The aim is to get Scots to rediscover Scotch lamb as a traditional, but modern product. The campaign presents lamb in fresh and exciting new ways that are tasty, nutritious and easy to prepare.

Laurent Vernet, head of marketing for QMS said: "Many people are making a real effort to eat seasonal and local. These tastings will enable Scots throughout the country to do this while also rediscovering their culinary roots.

"Scotch lamb is an incredible product with a rich heritage and has a devoted following throughout Europe. It's such a shame that many Scots have forgotten this amazing product, what to do with it and are sometimes a little nervous about buying it. This may be one of the reasons why Scots now eat twice as much pizza as they do lamb.

"Our key is now to get people to taste Scotch lamb, and empower them with recipes and cooking tips to reclaim one of Scotland's truly great products."

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