New £20m Love Pork Campaign

The sizzle of succulent pork is a theme that has been picked up as part of a £500,000 Love QSM Pork advertising campaign.

One of the advertisements in the campaign by the British Pig Executive (BPEX) puts pork chops on a musical stave while the other uses pork kebabs as kisses.

The adverts will be seen in a wide range of women's magazines and newspaper supplements during February and March and will be backed up by an extensive PR campaign.

BPEX consumer marketing manager, Chris Lamb, said: "We are taking space in magazines such as OK and Hello and weekend supplements such as the Mail on Sunday to raise the profile of the Quality Standard Mark and our 'Love QSM Pork' message.

"The campaign will reach about two thirds of our target audience which is mothers with children and they should see it at least four times.

"The PR campaign involves competitions in major newspapers which include the chance to get a full set of pork recipe booklets as well as other prizes.

"In addition, the campaign is being featured in supermarkets with more than £20m special 'Love QSM Pork' stickers being attached to a range of pork cuts to ensure customers really get the message."

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