Price rise hits pigs

Rising feed prices are hitting the British pig industry badly with increases so far this year equating to a 16% rise in costs of production - based on latest July figures.

A report just published by the British Pig Executive (BPEX) takes a look at the reasons behind those increases, which are affecting the whole of Europe and the poultry industry as well as pigs.

It also looks at likely future prices and, mostly importantly, gives some tips on how to minimise the effects.

Report author Tony Fowler, BPEX Senior Market Analyst, said: "Historically we have had high prices from time-to-time but they were always short-term.

"It is looking as though, in the future, prices will be higher for an extended time. Producers must not expect it to be just a blip and need to take action to reduce the impact on their business."

Though producers can help to ease the effects, the industry as a whole must recognise the impact all the way through to the consumer.

A practical guide to the short and long term measures producers can take to reduce the impact of the rising prices is available on the BPEX website. In the short term there are a number of things to be considered - hopper space, placement and hygiene, feed quality and storage and whether feed is being

wasted by spillage.

In the longer term, producers should focus on hygiene and minimising stress (ie environment, moving, mixing etc) to optimise efficiency, selecting appropriate genetics and checking the diet specifications are correct.

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