Confidence survey calls

Form-filling can be a pain, but a form just sent out by the British Pig Executive (BPEX) is worth taking the time to complete.

The second annual confidence survey has just been sent out to producers, processors, vets, retailers, the allied industry, food service and civil servants.

The aim is to assess not only industry confidence but also the quality of services provided by BPEX.

BPEX strategy co-ordinator Andrew Knowles said: "All of us in the industry know things aren't good but it is important people take part, so we can quantify how producers' beliefs and aspirations have changed from this time last year.

"The results we get will be vital in helping us devise the next phase of the feed cost campaign, which aims to secure sustainable prices back to the producer and safeguard the supply of British pig meat for consumers.

"All those who take part and return completed forms will receive a copy of the results as well as a copy of the latest cost of production report or the latest pig meat eating quality report."

Last year, the results showed differing levels of confidence - as measured by the willingness to invest - at different stages of the supply chain and the results of this year's survey will give a good comparison over the two years.

Last year, processors and retailers were all either as confident or more confident about the financial situation of their sector when compared with the previous year. They were also either as confident or more confident about capital investment in buildings.

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