US sausage manufacturer fined

The owner of a sausage manufacturing business in Stamford, USA has been fined and given probation for selling uninspected meat.

Nicholas DeYulio, who sold 10,000 lbs of uninspected meat, told Stamford newpaper The Advocate that he produced the meat without an inspector present because he was 'in a rush to fill an order on Memorial Day weekend in 2004'.

Pleading guilty to federal charges of selling uninspected meat in June, DeYulio was sentenced to three years of probation and fined $5,000 by the US District Court on Wednesday (13th September). While the prosecutors reported 'the sausage that was purchased before it was removed from distribution did not cause any health problems'.

A spokesperson for the prosecution added: "Federal inspectors tested the sausage and deemed it fit for human consumption."

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