Debbie and Andrew's 'disappearing' act

Sausage brand Debbie & Andrew's is undergoing a rebrand to escape the 'me-too' marketing culture within meat, the owners claimed.

As part of the revamp, photographs of Andrew and Debbie Keeble, founders of the business, will disappear from the front of the pack.

Andrew Keeble, co-founder of the business, said there were now too many products on the shelves with pictures of farmers on pack: "It doesn't mean the same any more. I saw some own-label products with a picture of a Dutch farmer on the front. We were one of the first to do it, so now it's time for us to do something different."

The pictures of Debbie and Andrew have now been replaced with a photo of colourful wellies outside the couple's farmhouse, maintaining their agricultural credentials, Andrew said.

As part of the relaunch, the company is also claiming to be the first meat supplier to be using compostable packaging on its products.

"Our trays are fully compostable and made out of corn starch," said Andrew. "We farm 1,000 acres ourselves, and I'm keen to start producing our own starch because, at the moment, it's imported. We'd also like to encourage British far-mers to produce the stuff for us."

Maintaining the environmental theme is a cardboard sleeve, using sustainable sources through the Forestry Stewardship Council, he added.

A new children's range, Ellie & Roddy's Perfect Little Pork Sausages, named after the couple's children, has also been launched. The sausages replace the previous Higgledy Piggledy brand and offer a more serious, less cartoony, product, which Andrew says is firmly aimed at mums.

The sausages not only bear Ellie and Roddy Keeble's names, but Andrew said the children even came up with the recipe as well.

Andrew said. "Everything we do is trying to be a bit different. We might have got it all wrong, who knows? But we're just trying to stay one step ahead of the majority."

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