Square move for Richmond sausages

Richmond, one of the UK's best selling sausage brands, is expanding its range with the imminent launch of a brand new square sausage for the Scottish market.

The square sausage market in Scotland is worth £9m, with 8% year on year growth. The new square sausage, otherwise know as a Lorne sausage, combines the trusted taste of Richmond's Irish pork sausage recipe, in a format loved by the Scottish consumer.

The new variant will be launched in early 2008. It will be available in 454g packs, containing 6 slices, with an MRRP of £1.59.

Senior brand manager, Mark Brown said: "Capitalising on the success of Richmond sales in Scotland and the high brand recognition it receives, we are expecting a huge response to the Square Sausage launch which will boost sales growth at the start of next year.

"2008 promises to be an exciting year for Richmond. For the first time in several years we will be back on TV with a £1.25 million marketing investment, with a strong focus on the Scottish market."

The Richmond brand is worth £85m and is growing strongly at 12%. Available in Thick, Thin, Skinless and new Square, the range is in 12% volume growth in Scotland and remains the highest selling sausage brand in the UK.

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