Beefy and Lamby ditched

EBLEX is to ditch its Beefy and Lamby characters for its next consumer advertising campaign.


The organisation has announced its new press and online campaign, which goes live in late Spring 2009, will focus on the Quality Standard Mark's core "food values" of assurance and eating quality.

The campaign will position the QSM as the beacon for great tasting beef and lamb by focusing on the robust assurance and eating quality criteria underpinning the EBLEX-owned brand.

It will replace the current EBLEX 'Beefy and Lamby' Quality Standard advertising campaign, which was launched in 2004. Artwork for the new campaign is in the final stages of production, and will be used at the start of the barbeque season.

EBLEX chief executive Richard Lowe said the new focus was in response to a growing shift in consumer attitudes towards food and the boom in online media consumption.

"Beefy and Lamby has been successful in achieving significant and sustained consumer awareness of the QSM brand with its target audience in a highly competitive marketplace.

"However EBLEX's promotional strategy is one which must continually evolve to meet changing consumer demands while continuing to deliver a cost-effective return on levy payer investment.

"The latest EBLEX consumer research has shown increasing concerns over the origin and integrity of the food on our plates - and the new press advertising campaign will build on the success of Beefy and Lamby while seeking to address these concerns.

"The new online execution has been designed to drive traffic to EBLEX's existing online Quality Standard Recipe Club, where consumers can be educated and inspired about cooking with quality beef and lamb."

He added the new focus on assurance and eating quality would ensure a smooth integration of the QSM campaign with any future promotional work that may carried out under the Red Tractor logo.

The new QSM campaign will form part of EBLEX's £4 million levy-funded promotional spend during 2009/10.

It will run in parallel with ongoing Quality Standard beef and lamb promotional activity featuring celebrity chefs, the popular Tuck-In recipe magazines and the online Quality Standard Recipe Club, which now has almost 6,000 subscribers.

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