Super sausages

Sausages have got to be one of the core fundamentals in any butcher's arsenal against competition on the high street.

A top quality sausage can knock spots off the supermarket competition and have the punters queuing round the block.

And as can be seen from our Champion of Champions competition, taking place next week (Monday, 15 October), there is no shortage of award-winning sausages coming out of the independent sector, and I'd like to wish the best of luck to all our entrants. The competition is certainly going to be a tough one to judge.

But I would warn butchers not to get complacent when it comes to sausage-making - even those who are winning awards. As a former C of C winner Stuart Haigh says, "You've got to maintain that quality beyond the contest itself." That's because the large manufacturers and big retailers are well aware of the benefits a good sausage offer can bring.

As you can see from our sausage report, on pages 17-26, the premium sector is on the rise with consumer spend increasing all the time. Retailers are falling over themselves to offer better and better sausages and manufacturers are responding by upping their game all

the time.

At the moment, butchers might not feel particularly threatened, as consumers continue to queue to pick up a home-made sausage, but if we want that to continue, we've got to keep innovating, inventing and investing our energies to ensure that the humble butcher's sausage maintains its place as the champion of the sausage market.


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