Wham bam, thankS spam

A Wigan court heard how a man, armed only with tins of Spam, fought off two armed robbers. Brett Matthews had just withdrawn £40 from a cashpoint on Wigan High Street when two men approached him. One of the men, Karl Ashton, threatened Matthews with a knife and told him to give him the money.

Matthews, from South Africa and hardened to street violence, was not intimidated. So, armed with a carrier bag stuffed with three tins of Spam, he reportedly turned to his would-be attacker and said: "You had better stick it to me with the knife or I'll knock you out with my bag."

He then swung, hitting Ashton before both men ran off. A doorman and passers-by helped catch Ashton and his accomplice William Peake until the police arrived and arrested them.

Although Ashton orginially claimed he had been the victim of the attack and Peake claimed not to know what was going on, both men eventually pleaded guilty to attempted robbery.

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