Pig producers get Morrison's support

Pig producers have gained a commitment from Morrison's chief executive Marc Bolland that the chain will stock 100% British pigmeat.

Almost 100 members of the pig industry took part in a demonstration held outside the Institute of Grocery Distribution's (IDG) annual convention yesterday at the Royal Lancaster Hotel in Bayswater, London.

The British Pig Industry Group (BPISG) organised the demonstration in an attempt to persuade retailers to support price increases for pig producers, who are facing an increasingly desperate situation in the face of spiralling wheat prices and FMD movement restrictions.

Pig producer Richard Longthorpe said the protest had gone "pretty well". "We had an opportunity to talk with Asda and Morrison's chief executive Marc Bolland who has undertaken that all the pork meat Morrison's stocks will be British. I hope it will shame the other three retailers into making a similar commitment."

He added: "If the chains have to compete more for British meat hopefully we will achieve the desired price increase of 15 to 20p a kilo prior to Christmas the pig industry needs to survive."

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