EU May Ban Brazilian Meat

The European Commission (EC) has warned that it might impose a ban on Brazilian meat imports if the country does not improve food safety standards.

The EC has been under considerable pressure from British and Irish farmers to crack down on alleged sub standard farming conditions in Brazil.

The Brazilian government and the country's farming industry deny the claims of use of illegal growth hormones and say Brazil is implementing the recommendations of EU animal health officials, who visited the country in March.

EU officials will return to Brazil next month to assess if it has complied with Brussels' requests.

Speaking to members of the European Parliament yesterday (9 October), EU health commissioner Markos Kyprianou said: "We do identify weaknesses in Brazil and we have put pressure on Brazil to respond.

"If the situation does not improve in the timeframe, which is by the end of the year, we will take whatever measures necessary, including the possibility of a ban."

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