It's offally good

'Try something different' is the challenge being put to customers in a new poster featuring a temptingly delicious dish of pan-fried liver and onions with sage, enticing them to: 'Ask your butcher about offal...'

And it seems that consumers are willing to take up the challenge, as requests from butchers for additional copies of the 24 page recipe leaflet, which the poster has been produced to promote, have been flooding in to the English Beef and Lamb Executive's (EBLEX) head office.

The booklet is a step-by-step guide to preparing and cooking offal, the internal parts of an animal which are edible. Some of the better known products include oxtail, tongue, kidneys and liver, but there are also a number of speciality cuts such as sweetbreads, lamb fries, tripe, ox cheek and suet. The booklet advises consumers what to look for and features a selection of tempting recipes to inspire consumers.

EBLEX retail project manager, Mike Whittemore, explains: "Many consumers are nervous about cooking with offal, but it can be made to produce some really delicious and nutritious meals which offer a whole range of exciting tastes and textures, quite unlike those of muscle meat.

"We developed the booklet for butchers to give to their customers in the hope that it would encourage them to try something a little more adventurous and the response has been phenomenal. It seems that this is exactly what butchers have been waiting for, as we've had so much positive feedback and lots of requests for more copies of the recipe book."

Further promotional activity is planned for the 'It's all about offal...' recipe book in the new year, including consumer press advertorial features with recipes from the book endorsed by celebrity chef Sophie Grigson.

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