Foot-and-mouth restrictions scale back

Foot-and-mouth disease (FMD) restrictions in Surrey have been scaled back because no further cases of the disease have been found in the last four weeks.

Defra said the decision was taken following extensive surveillance work and veterinary risk assessment.

The protection zone has now been scrapped and the area has been absorbed into the surveillance zone. The surveillance zone extends for at least 10km around infected premises and all premises containing FMD-susceptible livestock are subject to movement restrictions.

A restriction zone surrounds by 10km the surveillance zone and another area where extra surveillance is being undetaken. Movements of animals susceptible to FMD is subject to strict controls in the restriction zone.

However bluetongue controls are still in place and as more cases are discovered the area to which these controls apply is growing. Some livestock owners will find themselves subject to two sets of restrictions. The bluetongue control zone extends for at least 20km from known cases based on epidemiology and weather reports. There are no restrictions on the movement of pigs. Ruminants can move within the zone but they are not allowed out of it except to go to slaughter in the bluetongue protection zone (or to approved abattoirs outside the protection zone, subject to conditions), or to move between premises in different control zones.

The bluetongue protection zone extends 150km from known cases. Ruminants can move within the zone, to the control zone and to specifically licenced slaughterhouses outside the protection zone. There are no restrictions on the movement of pigs.

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