A lovely bit of "stinky" spam...


The manufacturers of Spam has announced it is to launch a collector's edition flavour - Stinky French Garlic - on the back of the imminent West End opening of Spamalot, the Monty Python musical fresh from Broadway.

Spam's image changed from being a mere foodstuff into a target for derision in 1970 after a memorable sketch - a satire on Anglo-Saxon eating habits - from the Monty Python's Flying Circus series.

In a cafe packed with singing Vikings, Terry Jones, playing the waitress, recites a menu on which every single dish contains Spam, usually several times over.

Swen Neufeldt, the European general manager of Hormel Foods, the American manufacturer of the tinned meat, said: "That was a long time ago and like the Monty Python team we have a sense of humour too."

He added: "There have never been any hard feelings. Spam and Monty Python have a wonderful relationship that goes back years and years and it seems right that we should celebrate Spamalot."

The £7.5m musical, an award-winning hit on Broadway, has been adapted from the 1975 film, Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

The Monty Python menu (from the 1970 Spam sketch)

Egg and bacon

Egg, sausage and bacon

Egg and Spam

Egg, bacon and Spam

Egg, bacon, sausage and Spam

Spam, bacon, sausage and Spam

Spam, egg, Spam, Spam, bacon and Spam

Spam, Sausage, Spam, Spam, Spam, bacon, Spam, tomato and Spam

Spam, Spam, Spam, egg and Spam

Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam, baked beans, Spam

Spam, Spam and Span

Lobster thermidor aux crevettes with a Mornay sauce served in the Provencale manner with shallots and aubergines, garnished with truffle pate, brandy and with a fried egg on top and Spam.

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