Higgidy pies move into Booths

A new range of premium pies is due to hit the shelves of Booths supermarkets this November.

Higgidy pies are to be marketed as gourmet food for discerning customers and come packaged in distinctive boxes, dark in colour with contrasting illustrations and text in pink and blue.

Ziggurat Brands developed the packaging, which they believe reflects the enthusiasm and dedication of Higgidy co-founder Camilla Stephens. The pies fill the boxes to capacity and are visible through a window, designed to mirror the hand-finished pie's pastry fluting.

Husband and wife team Camilla Stephens and James Foottit founded Higgidy in 2003 and built up distribution through gastro-pubs, delicatessens and restaurants. Moving into supermarkets is a natural progression, they said.

Adrian Collins, managing director of Ziggurat Brands, said: "The challenge was to conceive a new brand that immediately created a distinctive offering which the target consumer will relate to and recall with affection. We refer to this approach as 'creating a smile in the mind'. The Higgidy branding reflects the care and attention that goes into the product so that the product fulfils the expectation created by the packaging and vice versa."

Camilla Stephens said: "We are thrilled with our new look and we think that the packaging cleverly reflects our brand values - handmade, honest, quirky, innovate and above all tasty."


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