Recall as glass found in ready meals
Published:  15 December, 2006

Thousands of ready-meals are being recalled after consumers complained they had found glass in them.

Asda is recalling meals from 20 ranges, including sweet and sour chicken, beef chilli and chicken piri piri. Sainsbury's are recalling four ranges and Birds Eye another four.

The meals were all made by Rye Valley Foods, part of the Kerry Foods Group, in Northern Ireland. A spokesperson for Kerry Foods said the problem had been sourced back to a US rice supplier and emphasised "there have been no injuries".

The spokesperson said: "We had 20 complaints from consumers who identified some very tiny, hard pieces in the rice component of our frozen ready-meal products. We examined those and found they were tiny pieces of glass, extremely well rounded. They pose no threat or no injury to the consumer."

However, the Food Standards Agency (FSA) is urging people who bought the affected meals, which are listed on the FSA's website, to return them for a refund.

"This is a one-off situation," said the Kerry Foods spokesperson. "The pieces are so tiny they passed through all the usual traceability and control systems, including x-ray analysis. This is unsatisfactory, so we've taken this precautionary measure. We will obviously be investigating the matter fully with the supplier.

"All the evidence suggests this wasn't deliberate contamination and the glass may have been picked up in the harvesting process and there's no evidence this was malicious."

A spokesperson for Asda said: "Obviously we observe the highest possible standard when it comes to the content of our food and this seems to be a genuine one-off."

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